Deadpool: The Complete Collection By Daniel Way
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TP Vol 1 July, 2013 Bullseye, Part 1: The Shaft; Bullseye, Part 2: Let the Healing Begin; Bullseye, Part 3: Knocking Over the Candy Store; Horror Business, Part 1: Gross Misconduct; Horror Business, Part 2: Raw Deal; How Low Can You Go?, Part 1: Dead in the Water; How Low Can You Go?, Part 2: What About Bob?; Magnum Opus, Part 1: All Your Base Are Belong to Us; Magnum Opus, Part 2; Magnum Opus, Part 3: Hard to Get; Magnum Opus, Part 4; One of Us, Part 1; One of Us, Part 2: One of Them; One of Us, Part 3: The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel; Son of X, Part 1; The Beginning of the End, Part 1: The End of an Era!; The Deep End, Part 1; The Deep End, Part 2; The Deep End, Part 3; The Deep End, Part 4; The Deep End, Part 5L