Deadpool: The Complete Collection By Daniel Way
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 2 December, 2013 Do Idiots Dream of Electric Stupidity?; I Rule, You Suck, Part 1: All Vampires Are Named Dracula; I Rule, You Suck, Part 2; I'm Your Man, Part 1; I'm Your Man, Part 2; I'm Your Man, Part 3; Sinner-Sinner, Chicken Dinner; Tricky, Part 1: Here Comes a New Shooter; Tricky, Part 2: The Big Blind; Tricky, Part 3; Want You to Want Me, Part 1: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Metaphors; Want You to Want Me, Part 2: No Man is an Island; Want You to Want Me, Part 3: The Revolution Will be Televised; Want You to Want Me, Part 4: You Have the Right Not to be Killed; Wave of Mutilation, Part 1: Profiteerin' L.A.M.F.; Wave of Mutilation, Part 2: Surrender the Booty; Whatever a Spider Can, Part 1: Start Spreadin' the News; Whatever a Spider Can, Part 2; Whatever a Spider Can, Part 3L
TP Vol 3 April, 2014 Badass; Deadpool: The Musical!; Evil Deadpool, Part 1: Hello, Mr. Fancy-Pants; Evil Deadpool, Part 2: Come Get Some; Evil Deadpool, Part 3: You're Going Down; Evil Deadpool, Part 4: Just Me, Baby; Evil Deadpool, Part 5: Hail to the King, Baby; Institutionalized, Part 1; Institutionalized, Part 2; Institutionalized, Part 3; Operation: Annihilation, Part 1: Journada Del Muerto; Operation: Annihilation, Part 2: Clear and Present Anger; Operation: Annihilation, Part 3: Women & Children First; Round 2; Space Oddity, Part 1: Moonstruck; Space Oddity, Part 2; Space Oddity, Part 3: The Big Bang; The Price is Right; You Complete Me, Part 1; You Complete Me, Part 2; Cover by Dave JohnsonL
TP Vol 4 August, 2014 Blacklisted, Conclusion; Blacklisted, Part 1; Blacklisted, Part 2; Dead, Part 1; Dead, Part 2; Dead, Part 3; Dead, Part 4; Dead, Part 5; Deadpool Reborn, Part 1; Deadpool Reborn, Part 2: Master of My Own Domain; Deadpool Reborn, Part 3: Get Your Swagger On; The Salted Earth, Part 1: Innocent of Nothing; Cover by Dave JohnsonL