Fantastic Firsts (2002)
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TP January, 2002 Captain America Joins... The Avengers!; Dead Planet!; Dr. Strange, Master of Black Magic!; Eternity Beckons!; Gundar!; Iron Man is Born!; Man in the Mummy Case; Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...; Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. / The Man For the Job; Seven Against the Nazis!; Somewhere Lurks the Phantom!; Spider-Man!; Sub-Mariner Versus the Human Race!; The Bell-Ringer; The Coming of the Avengers!; The Coming of the Hulk / The Hulk Strikes! / The Search For the Hulk / Enter... The Gargoyle! / The Hulk Triumphant!; The Coming of... Sub-Mariner! / On the Trail of the Torch! / Enter the Sub-Mariner! / Let the World Beware! / Sub-Mariner's Revenge! / Return to the Deep!; The Fantastic Four; The Fantastic Four Meet Spider-Man!; The Fantastic Four! / The Fantastic Four Meet the Mole Man! / The Moleman's Secret!; The Human Torch vs. the Wizard and Paste-Pot Pete!; The Last Rocket; The Man in the Ant Hill!; The Origin of Captain America!; The Origin of Daredevil; The Origin of Dr. Strange; The Perfect Crime!; The Sandman Strikes!; The Stone Men From Saturn! / The Power of Thor! / Thor the Mighty Strikes Back!; The Talking Horse; The X-Men; There Are Martians Among Us!; We Search the Stars!; When the Jungle Sleeps; Spider-Man; Spider-Man vs. the Chameleon!; Cover by Bruce TimmL