Firearm (1993-1995)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
0 November, 1993 Bagged with Video Cassette that contains first half of the story; Second half of story is told in the comicL
1A September, 1993 American Pastimes, Part 1; Cover by Howard ChaykinL
2 October, 1993 American Pastimes, Part 2; Rune, Part 9: The Hunted; Flipbook; Cover by Howard Chaykin,Barry Windsor-Smith - 'Barry Smith'L
3 November, 1993 American Pastimes, Part 3; Cover by Howard ChaykinL
4 December, 1993 American Pastimes, Part 4; Cover by Howard ChaykinL
5 January, 1994 Said T. E. Lawrence, Picking Up His Fork...; Cover by Ben HerreraL
6 February, 1994 Missing Child; Cover by Dan BreretonL
7 March, 1994 Mystery Tour; Cover by Mike WieringoL
8 May, 1994 Kirby; Cover by Dan BreretonL
9 June, 1994 Idle Thoughts; Cover by Cully HamnerL
10 July, 1994 South of Watford, Then Way, Way North; Cover by Gary ErskineL
11 July, 1994 [Untitled]; Ultraverse Premiere, Part 5: Hang Time; Prime-itive Attraction; Remember Last Spring?; Flipbook; Cover by Gary Erskine,Sam LiuL
12 August, 1994 The Rafferty Saga, Prologue; Cover by Ben HerreraL
13 September, 1994 The Rafferty Saga, Part 1: The Smell of Peaches; Cover by Ben HerreraL