DC One Million Omnibus (2013)
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HC October, 2013 1000 Years Later; A Handful of Dust; A Neverending Story; All Down the Years; All the Starlight Shining; Angel Wings; Between the Rock and a Hot Place; Brave New Hero; Come Together; Dark Planet; Death Star; Desperate Times - - A Million; Don't Believe It!; Down to Earth; Fast Forward; Fear and Loathing; Future Story; Insanitation; Just Ice, Cubed; Keepers of Solitude; Lobo's Last Job; Nine Million Lives; Peril Within the Prison Planet; Prisoners of the Twentieth Century; Riders on the Storm; Solaris Rising; Star Crossed; The Abyss of Time; The Anachronism; The Banks and Shoals of Time; The Bug That Ate Tomorrow; The Day After Tomorrow; Time On My Hands; To Hell With The Future; When She Was Good; Worlds' Finest, Part 1; Worlds' Finest, Part 2; Cover by Ryan SookL