Colossal Conan (2013)
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HC November, 2013 Ashes and Dust; At the Back of the North Wind; Blood for Blood; Born On The Battlefield; Crown of Tiamat; Darkness Rising; Day of Farewell; Death in the Temple; Dogs of the Hills; Flesh for the Gods of the Night; Horror on Uskuth Hill; In the Tower of Tara-Teth; Last Stand Against Thoth-Amon; Out of the Darksome Hills; Over the Walls; Rat's Den; Rogues in the House, Part 1: Rogues at the Door; Rogues in the House, Part 2: Red House, Red Priest; Rogues in the House, Part 3: Pits of Refuge; Rogues in the House, Part 4: Man vs. Beast; Seeds of Empire; Silent to the Sea; The Battle of Brita's Vale; The Blood-Stained Crown; The City of Thieves; The Devil Within; The Frost Giant's Daughter; The Gates of Paradise; The God in the Bowl; The Guardian of the Tower; The Hall of the Dead; The Hand of the Mighty; The Heart of Yag-Kosha; The Legend; The Magistrate's Wife; The Maze; The Serpent; The Siren-Song of Death; The Sons of Bel; The Spawn of Nergal; The Toad; The Tower of the Elephant; The Widowmaker; They Shall be Lords Again; Two Nemedians Walk into a Bar; Two Wizards and a Funeral; Venarium; Wild Cimmerian Bull; Wolves in the Woods; Cover by David Stewart - 'Dave Stewart'L