Essential Daredevil (2002-Present)
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TP Vol 4 August, 2007 ''Murder!'' Cries the Man-Bull!; ...And So Enters the Amazing Spider-Man; A Power Corrupt!; And Death is a Woman Called Widow; Bullfight on the Bay!; Call Him Killgrave!; Crisis!; Fear is the Key!; From Stage Left, Enter: Electro!; He Can Crush the World!; He Who Saves; In the Eyes ... Of the Owl!; Let There Be--Death!; Mind Storm!; Night Flight!; Night of the Assassin!; Now Rides the Ghost of El Condor!; Now Send... The Scorpion; On the Eve of the Talon!; Once Upon a Time --The Ox!; The Deathmarch of El Condor!; The Horns of the Bull!; The Mark of Hawkeye!; The Sinister Secret of Project Four!; The Sinister Space Trap!; The Widow Accused!; The Widow Will Make You Pay!; Vengeance in the Sky With Diamonds!; With Two Beside Them!; Face-to-Face at Last With Baron Mordo!; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
TP Vol 5 February, 2010 ...And a Hydra New Year!; ...Then Came Ramrod!; A Quiet Night in the Swamp!; Birthright!; Blind Man's Bluff!; Circus Spelled Sideways is Death!; Cry... Beetle!; Death of a Nation?; Death Stalks the City!; Dying For Dollar$!; Foggy Nelson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!; H.Y.D.R.A.-and-Seek!; Holocaust in the Halls of H.Y.D.R.A.!; In the Coils of the Copperhead!; Inside Black Spectre!; Life Be Not Proud!; Menace From the Moons of Saturn!; Mindtap!; Prey of the Hunter!; Stilt-Man Stalks the City!; Sword of the Samurai!; They're Tearing Down Fogwell's Gym!; Two Flew Over the Owl's Nest!; Vengeance in the Sky With Diamonds!; Vengeance is the Copperhead!; When Strikes the Gladiator!L