Essential Daredevil (2002-Present)
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TP Vol 6 November, 2013 ''Hyde and Go Seek,'' Sayeth the Cobra!; A Hanging For a Hero!; A Night in the Life...; Brute Fury!; Bullseye Rules Supreme!; Danger Rides the Bitter Wind!; Death Stalks the Stairway to the Stars!; Death Times Two!; Duel!; Fear Wears Two Faces!; Flight of the Torpedo!; Introducing: Mind-Wave and His Fearsome Think Tank!; Look Out, DD -- Here Comes the Death-Man!; Man-Bull in a China Town!; Man-Bull Means Mayhem!; Target: Death!; The Concrete Jungle!; The Murder Maze Strikes Twice!; The Name of the Game is... Death!; There's Trouble in New York City... That's Trouble With a Capital 'T' Which Rhymes With 'D' That Stands For Daredevil!; Two Against Death!; Watch Out For Bullseye, He Never Misses!; What is Happening?; Where is Karen Page?; You Killed That Man, Torpedo -- And Now You're Going to Pay!L