Hulk By Jeph Loeb (2013-Present)
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TP Vol 1 November, 2013 ...Like a Woman Scorned!; A Hulk of Many Colors; A is For Apple; All New Savage She-Hulk Weapon of A.R.M.O.R.; And Now... The Wolverine!; And the Wind Howls... Wendigo!; Blood Red; Come on in ... The Revolution's Fine!; Creatures on the Loose; Evolution, Part 1: First Blood; Hell Hath No Fury...; Hulk Airport; Hulk Art Class; Hulk Beach; Hulk Chef; Hulk Drive; Hulk Ice; Hulk Mama; Hulk Splash!; Hulk Web; Hulk Zoo; Hulkdonald's; Love & Death; Love & Death: Hulk Beach; Puny Little Man; Red Light, Green Light; Rolling Thunder; Seeing Red; The Death and Life of the Abomination; The Revenge of the Lady Liberators!; The Smoking Gun; Trapped in a World They Never Made; Wait Until Dark; What Happens in Vegas..., Part 1; What Happens in Vegas..., Part 2: Stays in Vegas; What Happens in Vegas..., Part 3: Jackpot; Where Monsters Dwell; Who is the Hulk?; Winner Takes All; Book One: A is For Apple; Come On In...The Revolution's Fine!L