Book of Night (1987)
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1 July, 1987 A Little Love, a Little Hate!; Ankhesenamun; Children of the Star, Part 1; Children of the Stars, Part 2; Contact; Maker; Metamorphosis Odyssey, Part 12: Dreamsend; Shiny Beast; Cover by Charles VessL
2 August, 1987 Ace of Space: The Monster / The Hero; Almuric, Part 4; Because It's There; Children of the Stars, Part 3; Conquest of the Banana Planet!; Fairy Tale; Flight Back; Freedom; Generation Zero, Part 7: Terror in Paradise; Isolation and Illusion; Jack Tales; Match and Set; Metamorphosis Odyssey, Part 13: Doomsday!; Metamorphosis Odyssey, Part 14: Aftermath; Metamorphosis Odyssey, Part 8: Sunrise on Lartorez; Reunion; Satri; The Dance; The Dragonmaster of Klarn, Part 1: A Game the Gods Play; The Last Centaur; The Legend; The Rising of the Moon; The Sacred and the Profane, Part 3: Dispositio: Descent of Order; The Scroll; Wizard's Masque, Part 1; Cover by Charles VessL