Classics Illustrated Junior (1953-1969)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
501A October, 1953 Snow White and the Seven DwarvesL
501B March, 1956 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; 2nd PrintingN
501C August, 1957 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; 3rd PrintingN
501D December, 1958 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; 4th PrintingN
501H November, 1966 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; 8th PrintingN
501I Spring, 1969 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; 9th PrintingL
502A November, 1953 The Ugly DucklingL
502G October, 1964 The Ugly Duckling; 7th PrintingN
502H December, 1966 The Ugly Duckling; 8th PrintingN
502I Summer, 1969 The Ugly Duckling; 9th PrintingL
503A December, 1953 CinderellaL
503I April, 1964 Cinderella; 9th PrintingN
503J June, 1966 Cinderella; 10th PrintingN
503K Spring, 1969 Cinderella; 11th PrintingL
504 January, 1954 The Pied PiperL
505 February, 1954 The Sleeping BeautyL
506 March, 1954 The Three Little PigsL
507 April, 1954 Jack and the BeanstalkL
508A May, 1954 Goldilocks and the Three BearsL
508B May, 1956 Goldilocks and the Three Bears; 2nd Printing; HRN 526N
508C December, 1959 Goldilocks and the Three Bears; 3rd Printing; HRN 563N
508D October, 1960 Goldilocks and the Three Bears; 4th Printing; HRN 568N
508E March, 1964 Goldilocks and the Three Bears; 5th Printing; HRN 576N
508F June, 1966 Goldilocks and the Three Bears; 6th Printing; HRN 576N
508G 1969 Goldilocks and the Three Bears; 7th Printing; HRN 576L
509 June, 1954 Beauty and the BeastL
510 July, 1954 Little Red Riding HoodL
511 August, 1954 Puss in BootsL
512 September, 1954 RumpelstiltskinL
513 November, 1954 PinocchioL
514 January, 1955 The Steadfast Tin SoldierL
515 March, 1955 Johnny AppleseedL
516 May, 1955 Aladdin and His LampL
517A July, 1955 The Emperor's New ClothesL
517B May, 1957 The Emperor's New Clothes; 2nd PrintingN
517C December, 1959 The Emperor's New Clothes; 3rd PrintingN
517D October, 1964 The Emperor's New Clothes; 4th PrintingN
517E January, 1967 The Emperor's New Clothes; 5th PrintingN
517F June, 1969 The Emperor's New Clothes; 6th PrintingL
518 Winter, 1955 The Golden Goose; Cover by Alex Blum,Dik BrowneL
519 Autumn, 1969 Paul BunyanL
520 November, 1955 L
521 December, 1955 The King Of The Golden RiverL
522 1968 The NightingaleN
523 1968 The Gallant TailorL
524A March, 1956 The Wild SwansL
524B July, 1957 The Wild Swans; 2nd Printing; HRN 540L
524C June, 1959 The Wild Swans; 3rd Printing; HRN 560L
524D October, 1960 The Wild Swans; 4th Printing; HRN 568L
524E June, 1962 The Wild Swans; 5th Printing; HRN 576L
524F February, 1967 The Wild Swans; 6th Printing; HRN 576L
525 April, 1956 The Little MermaidL
526 May, 1956 The Frog PrinceL
527 June, 1956 The Golden-Haired GiantL
528 July, 1956 The Penny PrinceL
529 August, 1956 The Magic ServantsL
530 1968 The Golden BirdL
531 October, 1956 RapunzelL
532 Winter, 1969 The Dancing PrincessesN
533 December, 1956 The Magic FountainN
534 1968 The Golden TouchL
535 February, 1957 The Wizard of OzN
536 March, 1957 The Chimney SweepN
537 April, 1957 The Three FairiesN
538A May, 1957 Silly HansL
538E December, 1968 Silly Hans; 5th PrintingL
539A June, 1957 The Enchanted FishN
539E August, 1965 The Enchanted Fish; 5th PrintingN
540 Winter, 1969 The TinderboxL
541 1968 Snow White and Rose RedN
542A September, 1957 The Donkey's TaleN
542B December, 1959 The Donkey's Tale; 2nd Printing; HRN 563N
542C October, 1961 The Donkey's Tale; 3rd Printing; HRN 574N
542D October, 1965 The Donkey's Tale; 4th Printing; HRN 576N
542E Winter, 1969 The Donkey's Tale; 5th Printing; HRN 576L
543 October, 1957 The House in the WoodsN
544 1957 The Golden FleeceL
545 December, 1957 The Glass MountainN
546 1968 The Elves and the ShoemakerL
547 February, 1958 The Wishing TableN
548A March, 1958 The Magic PitcherN
548B November, 1958 The Magic Pitcher; 2nd Printing; HRN 556N
548C December, 1959 The Magic Pitcher; 3rd Printing; HRN 563N
548D October, 1960 The Magic Pitcher; 4th Printing; HRN 568N
548E July, 1964 The Magic Pitcher; 5th Printing; HRN 576L
548F Winter, 1968 The Magic Pitcher; 6th Printing; HRN 576L
549 April, 1958 Simple KateN
550 May, 1958 The Singing DonkeyN
551 June, 1958 The Queen BeeN
552 July, 1958 The Three Little DwarfsN
553 August, 1958 King ThrushbeardL
554 September, 1958 The Enchanted DeerN
555A October, 1958 The 3 Golden ApplesN
555B October, 1960 The 3 Golden Apples; 2nd Printing; HRN 568N
555C June, 1962 The 3 Golden Apples; 3rd Printing; HRN 576N
555D September, 1966 The 3 Golden Apples; 4th Printing; HRN 576L
556 Fall, 1968 The Elf MoundL
557A December, 1958 Silly WillyN
557B October, 1960 Silly Willy; 2nd Printing; HRN 568N
557C October, 1961 Silly Willy; 3rd Printing; HRN 574N