Young Justice (2011-2013)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
3 June, 2011 Hack and You Shall Find; Cover by Mike NortonL
4 July, 2011 By Hook or By Web; Cover by Mike NortonL
5 August, 2011 Campfire Secrets; Cover by Mike NortonL
7 October, 2011 Rabbit Holes; Cover by Christopher JonesL
TP Vol 1 January, 2012 By Hook or By Web; Campfire Secrets; Fears; Hack and You Shall Find; Haunted; Monkey Business; Stopover; Cover by Mike NortonL
TP Vol 2 November, 2012 Training Day; ...And the Penalty; Cold Case; Hot Case; Rabbit Holes; The Pit...; Wonderland; Cover by Christopher JonesL