Frankenstein (1973-1975)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 January, 1973 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!; Cover by Mike PloogL
2 March, 1973 Bride of the Monster!; Cover by Mike PloogL
3 May, 1973 The Monster's Revenge!; Cover by Mike PloogL
4 July, 1973 Death of the Monster!; Cover by Mike PloogL
5 September, 1973 The Monster Walks Among Us!; Cover by Mike PloogL
6 October, 1973 --In Search of the Last Frankenstein!; Cover by Mike PloogL
7 November, 1973 The Fury of a Fiend!; The Executioner!; Cover by John BuscemaL
8 January, 1974 My Name is... Dracula--; The Man Who Can't Be StoppedL
9 March, 1974 The Vampire Killers!; Seeing EyeL
10 May, 1974 --The Last Frankenstein!; The Face in the Glass!; Cover by Gil KaneL
11 July, 1974 And in the End--!?; The Mad Scientist!L
12 September, 1974 A Cold and Lasting Tomb!; Witch Hunt; Cover by Ron WilsonL
13 November, 1974 All Pieces of Fear!; Six Strange Words; Cover by Gil KaneL
14 January, 1975 Fury of the Night-Creature!; They Don't Complain; Cover by Ron WilsonL
15 March, 1975 Tactics of Death!; The Shadow; Cover by Gil KaneL
16 May, 1975 Code-Name: Berserker!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
17 July, 1975 A Phoenix Berserk!; Cover by Edward Hannigan - 'Ed Hannigan'L
18 September, 1975 The Lady of the House!; Cover by Val MayerikL