Deadpool Classic (2008-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 April, 2008 ...And Quacks Like a Duck...; Deadpool Sandwich; Duck Soup; Ducks in a Row!; Hey, It's Deadpool! or... Deadpool #1; If Looks Could Kill!; Luck of the Irish; Mano a Mano; Rabbit Season, Duck Season; The Beginning of the End, Part 1: The End of an Era!; Cover by Rob LiefeldL
TP Vol 2 April, 2009 Man, Check Out the Head on That Chick!; Operation: That Wacky Doctor's Game! (Rescue Weasel); Paradigm Lost; Stumped! Or... This Little Piggy Went ... Hey! Where's the Piggy?!; The Doctor is Skinned! ...Or, the End of Our First Story Arc; Typhoid... It Ain't Just Fer Cattle Anymore, or Head Trips; We Don't Need Another Hero...; Whomsoever Fights Monsters...; Why is it, to Save Me, I Must Kill You?; Cover by Ed McGuinnessL
TP Vol 3 November, 2009 In Absentia; In the Hands of the Hunter!; New Year's Evolutions (Or How to Get Ahead in Business Without Really Trying); Road-Trip Roulette!; Ssshhhhhhhhhh! or Heroes Reburned; The Drowning Man, Part 1: Or Things to Do in Iowa When You're Deadpool; The Drowning Man, Part 2: Or I Left My Life in San Francisco; Win, Lose or Draw Blood; With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence; You Want Me to Do What?!; Cover by Walter McDanielL
TP Vol 4 February, 2011 A Kiss, A Curse, A Cure; Dead Reckoning, Part 1; Dead Reckoning, Part 2: 2nd Stringers and Dead Ringers; Dead Reckoning, Part 3: What the World Needs Now...; Great Men; Justice, Order and Luck or... Skinless Drooler's Day Off!; Payback, Part 1: Karmic Relief; Payback, Part 2: The Quick and the Dead; Smells Like Prologue; You Only Die Twice; Cover by Walter McDanielL
TP Vol 5 June, 2011 Dresspool!; Friends Share Because Friends Care!; I Can't Place the Name, But the Face Rings a Southern Belle...; I'm Not So Me as You Think I Am... or the Middle of the End...; It's a Barbarian Bunny -- Busty Broad Bonanza in My Brainpan -- And I'm the Only One Invited!; Make Way For Deadpool!; Mouthful of Malice, Head Full of Cheese; Pool-By-Numbers!!!; Sploorch or the Beginning of the End...; Take My Wife... Please! Or Cock-a-Voodle-Doo; The Alphadead; The End of the End or Happy Entrails to You...; The Etiquette Lesson; Truth and Lies; Turning Japanese ...Or Little Demon Inside; Cover by Pete WoodsL
TP Vol 6 March, 2012 Cat Trap, Part 1: Cat Trap (Or: Wakanda Merc Are You?); Chapter X, Part 1: Verse One - Sending in the Clowns; Chapter X, Part 2: Verse Two; Chapter X, Part 3: Verse Three; Chapter X, Part 4: Benediction; Frag! or: Why Lucas Won't Release SW on DVD is Beyond Us!; Johnny Handsome Bites the Dust (Or: If This Slip Be Pink...!); Johnny Handsome, Scene One; Johnny Handsome, Scene Two; Silent But Deadly Interlude; The Menaced Phantom (or: Deadpoolls Last, We Swear, Cosmic Adventure!); Warriors Four!; Cover by James Calafiore - 'Jim Calafiore'L
TP Vol 7 October, 2012 Cat Magnet; Cruel Summer, Part 1; Cruel Summer, Part 2; Cruel Summer, Part 3; End of the Road, Part 1; End of the Road, Part 2; Going Out With a Bang!; Talk of the Town, Part 1; Talk of the Town, Part 2; The Promise, Part 1; The Promise, Part 2; Cover by Steve DillonL
TP Vol 8 March, 2013 Agent of Weapon X, Part 1: Facelift; Agent of Weapon X, Part 2: Makeover; Agent of Weapon X, Part 3: Intensive Care; Agent of Weapon X, Part 4: Flatline; Funeral For a Freak, Part 1: 'Nuff Said!; Funeral For a Freak, Part 2: Reign of the Deadpools; Funeral For a Freak, Part 3: Showtime!; Funeral For a Freak, Part 4: Deadpoolalooza!; Cover by Georges JeantyL
TP Vol 9 December, 2013 Dead Man's Switch, Part 1; Dead Man's Switch, Part 2; Dead Man's Switch, Part 3: Quiet Desperation; Dead Man's Switch, Part 4: Invisible; Dead Man's Switch, Part 5: A Little Crazy; Dead Man's Switch, Part 6: Uninvited Guests; Healing Factor, Part 1: I Forget; Healing Factor, Part 2: Buddy Picture; Healing Factor, Part 3: Headbanger's Ball; Healing Factor, Part 4: Finale; Healing Factor, Prologue; Cover by UDON StudiosL
TP Vol 10 November, 2014 Deadpool Walkin', Part 1: Our Lives in Fracture; Deadpool Walkin', Part 2: Foul Brain Stew; Deadpool Walkin', Part 3: A Means To An End; Everyone Hates Fight Man!; Fight the Power!; Hold That Ghost, Part 1; Hold That Ghost, Part 2; If At First You Don't Succeed... Die, Die Again!; Out With A Bang!; Shameful William; Cover by UDON StudiosL
TP Vol 11 May, 2015 Merc With a Mouth; Are You There, Deadpool? It's Me, Deadpool.; Head Trip, Part 1; Head Trip, Part 2; Head Trip, Part 3; Head Trip, Part 4; Head Trip, Part 5; Head Trip, Part 6; Next Stop: Zombieville, Part 1; Next Stop: Zombieville, Part 2; Next Stop: Zombieville, Part 3; Next Stop: Zombieville, Part 4; Next Stop: Zombieville, Part 5; Next Stop: Zombieville, Part 6; The Revolution Will Not Be Televised; Why is it, to save me, I must kill you?; Cover by Ed McGuinnessL
TP Vol 12 July, 2015 Deadpool CorpsL
TP Vol 13 September, 2015 Deadpool Team-Up; A Dame to Get Killed For; Bring Me the Head of Mickey Dobbs; Conquest of the Island of the Apes; Freak Out; Good Buddies; Hard as Rock; Merc With a Myth; Soul Mates; Turning Japanese ...Or Little Demon Inside; X Marks the SpotL
TP Vol 14 November, 2015 Suicide Kings; A Day in the Life; Appetite for Destruction; Canada, Man!; Close Encounters of the @*#$ed-Up Kind; Deadpool: The Major Motion Picture: Mulholland Drive / The Naked and the Dead / Inglorious Basterd / A Star is Born / Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / The Long Goodbye; Game$ of Death; Great Balls of Thunder on the Deep Blue Sea; Luck Be a Lady; Mouth of the Border; Nightmare on Elm-Tree; No Longer in a Relationship; One Down; Pinky Swear; Shrunken Master; Silent But Deadly; Silentest Night; The Maltese Bunny; Today I am da Man; Too Many Deadpools; Turning Japenese...or Little Demon Inside; What Happens in Vegas...; Turning Japanese ...Or Little Demon InsideL
TP Vol 15 April, 2016 All The Rest; Drunk With Power; Forbush Kills!; From Tusk Till Dawn; Identity Wars, Part 1; Identity Wars, Part 2; Identity Wars, Part 3; Occult Operative of Liberty; The Chosenest; The Golden Age; Two Mutants & A Baby; Walrus By Night!L
TP Vol 16 August, 2016 Killogy; The Second of the Three SpiritsL
TP Vol 17 May, 2017 Headcanon; Cover by Jason PearsonL
TP Vol 18 September, 2017 Deadpool Vs Marvel; Cover by Tradd MooreL
TP Vol 19 November, 2017 Make War Not Love; Cover by David NakayamaL
TP Vol 20 February, 2018 Ultimate Deadpool; Cover by Mark BagleyN
TP Vol 21 March, 2018 Dvx; Cover by Reilly BrownN
TP Vol 22 July, 2018 Murder Most Fowl; Cover by Dave JohnsonN
TP Vol 23 April, 2019 Cover by Iban CoelloN