Essential Hulk (2002-Present)
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TP Vol 6 2010 A Man-Brute Berserk!; A Monster in Our Midst!; Alone Against the Defenders!; And Call the Doctor... Druid!; Assault on Psyklop!; Beware the Beehive!; Countdown to Catastrophe!; Crushed By... The Constrictor!; Do Not Forsake Me!; Feeding Billy; Follow the Leader!; Fury at 5000 Fathoms!; Havoc at the Heart of the Atom; Home is Where the Hurt Is; Is There Hulk After Death?; No Man is an Island!; Show Me the Way to Go Home; The Absorbing Man is Out For Blood!!; The Circus of Lost Souls!; The Curing of Dr. Banner!; The Jack of Hearts is Wild!; The Monster and the Mystic!; The Rhino Doesn't Stop Here Anymore; The Sword and the Sorceror!; Vicious Circle!; You Just Don't Quarrel With the Quintronic Man!L