Swamp Thing By Brian K. Vaughan (2014-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 January, 2014 A Tree Falls in the Forest; Concrete Jungle, Part 1: Flesh and Blood; Concrete Jungle, Part 2: Beneath a Crown of Laurel; Concrete Jungle, Part 3: In the Air, On Land and Sea...; In Lieu of Flowers; Kill Your Darling; Killing Time, Part 1: The Pride; Killing Time, Part 2: Burning Down the House; Killing Time, Part 3: Destiny Manifest; Silk Cut; Cover by Phil HaleL
TP Vol 2 July, 2014 Last of the Loose Ends; Red Harvest, Part 1: The Virgin Thron; Red Harvest, Part 2: Stockholm Syndrome; Red Harvest, Part 3: Carrying Capacity; Red Harvest, Part 4: Fall; Red Harvest, Part 5: Burning Bushido; Red Harvest, Part 6: A Woman in Green; Red Harvest, Part 7: Topiary; Rootless; Saga; Cover by Phil HaleL