Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow's Avengers (2012-2013)
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TP Vol 1 December, 2012 At War With Arcturus!; Breaking Up is Death to Do! / The Last Can of Worms!; Courage!; Death-Bird Rising!; Doomsday 3014!; Ealer Moves in Mysterious Ways!; Earth Shall Overcome!; Embrace the Void!; Into the Maw of Madness!; Just Another Planet Story!; Let My Planet Go!; Menace From the Future World!; My Mother, the Badoon!; Once Upon a Time... The Silver Surfer!; Planet of the Absurd!; Quoth the Nighthawk, ''Nevermore!''; Savage Time!; Seven Against the Empire!; The Shipyard of Deep Space!; The Topographical Man; Three Worlds to Conquer!; When Lands the Saucer! / Let Earth Be the Prize!; Tales of the Watcher: The Coming of the Krills!L