Guardians of the Galaxy By Jim Valentino (2014-Present)
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TP Vol 1 January, 2014 ...And Then Came the Firelord!; A Force to Reckon With!; A Matter of Honor; And to the Victor... The Shield!; Ashes to Ashes; But Are They Ready For... Taserface!; Child's Play!; Dawning; Encounter on Europa!; First Love; Fly Like a Skyhawk!; Split Decision; That's No Lady, That's Malevolence!; The Korvac Quest, Part 1: Past: Imperfect! / Future: Tense! (or... The One Who Doesn't Know!); The Korvac Quest, Part 2: The Future Dies Now!; The Korvac Quest, Part 3: The Price of Paradise; The Korvac Quest, Part 4: Some Other Time!; The Origin of ''The Once and Future'' Thor!; The Origin of the Fantastic Four; The Origin of the Guardians of the Galaxy; The Origin of the Silver Surfer; The Stark Truth!; World Gone Mad!L