G.I. Combat (1952-1987)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
51 August, 1957 Desert Stand; Bunker Hill Beachhead; Jump-Off Town; The Walking Grenade; Cover by Jerry GrandenettiL
58 March, 1958 The Last Man Out; No Hill for Easy; A Carrier Has Nine Lives; Flying Saddle; Cover by Joe KubertL
91 January, 1962 The Tank and the Turtle; Wings for a Washout; Secret War of a Snowbird; Cover by Russ HeathL
120 November, 1966 L
122 1967 Who Dies Next?L
123 April, 1967 L
127 December, 1968 L
148 July, 1971 The Gold-Plated General; Blind Bomber; Cry Wolf Mission; Soften 'Em Up; Battle Window; Cover by Joe KubertL
151 January, 1972 A Strong Right Arm; A Strong Right Arm; Death of a Sub; Red Ribbon; Lt. Frank Luke, the Balloon Buster; Cover by Joe KubertL