Savage Dragon Archives (2006-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 December, 2006 Baptism of Fire; Born Again Patriot; Rock This Town; Cover by Erik LarsenL
TP Vol 2 May, 2007 Cover by Erik LarsenL
TP Vol 3 January, 2014 O' Deadly Darklord!; Cover by Erik LarsenL
TP Vol 4 August, 2015 A Turn For The Worse!; America's Fighting Force; Breaking Point; Breakout From Command 'D'; Bring On The Bad Guys; End Game; Escape From The Void!; Havoc in the Hidden City; Home; Homecoming; Invasion; Kingdom Khan; Life's End; Losing Control; Love Story; Martians Attack!; Mind-Slaves of the Brainchild!; Panic In Detroit; Peril in Pittsburgh!; Possessed; Rapture; Savage Battle; Something Wild!!; The Arena of Death!; The Attack of the 60-Foot Woman!; The Bug Riders!; The Choice; The End; The Land Down Under!; The Lurkers Beneath Lake Fear!; The Power of Mighty Man; The World's Mightiest Man; This Savage World!; To Challenge the Gods!; Cover by Erik LarsenL
TP Vol 5 November, 2015 A New Beginning!; A Very Glum X-Mas; A Wish Granted; Arachnophobia; Attack From Iraq; Begins!; Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams; Bush Whacked!; Candyman!; Casualties Of War; Chicken; Child Warfare; Chistmas Stalking; Danger In Dimension-X!; Dragonslayer; Dread Knight Returns; Final Battle!; Freak Force; Give And Take!; If This Be Doomsday!; Judge And Jury; Lo, There Shall Come... An Ending!; Mission: Kill The Savage Dragon!; Power Outage; Power Shortage; Prisoners Of War; Problem Child; Sewing The Seeds Of Doubt; Shattered Planets, Shattered Lives!; Suffer The Children!; The Balance Of Power; The Doomed Patrol; The Fly; The Flying Shoes Incident; The Long Journey Home; The New Kids On The Block; The Reckoning; The Vicious Circle Rising!; The Wish; Things Get Worse; Those Who Would Destroy Us; Up From The Depths; Victory -- And Death!; War And Peace; When Falls The Hero; When Titans Clash; With Great Power...; Cover by Erik LarsenL
TP Vol 6 April, 2016 Battle Girl; Battle in Seattle!; Death Knell; Defenseless; Finding Nirvana; Force Of One; Getting Ugly; Glum World II; Götterdämmerung; Have You Seen Me?; Hunted; Identity Crisis; Ladykiller; Mr Glum Takes Over The World; One Day At A Time; Prelude; Prism Attacks!; Rescue; Rock City Diner: Homecoming; Siege; The Answer; The Hunger; The Land Down Under; The Sitters; The Victims; The Watchers Of Pyrite Gorge; United We Stand; Wanted; Wish You Were Here; World Tour; Cover by Erik LarsenL
TP Vol 7 October, 2016 Cover by Erik LarsenL
TP Vol 8 April, 2017 Cover by Erik LarsenL
TP Vol 9 January, 2018 Cover by Erik LarsenN
TP Vol 10 January, 2021 L