Avengers Epic Collection (2013-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 16 July, 2016 Under Siege; ...And the War's Desolation!; Assault on Atlantis; Betrayal!; Breakaway!; Divided... We Fall!; Eve of Destruction; Even a God Can Die!; One of Our Own! / Cardinal Sins / Fixed Assets! / Mutant Meltdown!; Revenge; Rites of Conquest!; Stings & Sorrows!; The Invasion of Atlantis!; The Kang Dynasty!; The Once and Future Kang!; The Price of Victory; Time-- And Time Again!; Wild in the Streets!; Release Order: #3L
TP Vol 17 June, 2014 Judgment Day; Battleground: Olympus; By Gods Betrayed!; Captives; Command Decision; Day of Judgement!; Death and Texas! / The Other Side! / Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel / Mockingbird vs. Captain America / Silver Surfer / Dr. Pym vs. the Wasp / Thor vs. Wonder Man / Tigra vs. Dr. Druid / Moon Knight vs. Black Knight / Hawkeye vs. She-Hulk / The Grandmaster; Emperor Doom; Faithful Servant; Justice For All!; Pressure; The Day Death Died!; The Soviets Strike Back!; Twilight of the Gods!; Uneasy Allies; Whom the Gods Would Destroy!; Release Order: #2L