Avengers Epic Collection (2013-Present)
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TP Vol 9 December, 2013 The Final Threat; ...The Trial!; A Ghost of Stone!; At Last: The Decision!; Avengers Assemble!; Beware the Ant-Man!; Day of the Godslayer!; Death Watch!; Hammer of Vengeance!; Home is the Hero!; Night Vision!; Nightmare in New Orleans!; No Final Victory!; Pawns of Attuma!; Siege By Stealth and Storm!; The Bride of Ultron!; The Demi-God Must Die!; The Final Threat; The Private War of Doctor Doom!; To Fall By Treachery!; To Stand Alone!; When Avengers Clash!; When Strikes Attuma?; The Old Order Changeth!; Release Order: #1L