Iron Man Epic Collection (2013-2020)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 10 September, 2013 The Enemy Within; A Cry of Beasts; And Who Shall Clothe Himself in Iron!; Armor Chase; Ball and Chain; Blackout!; Deadly Blessing; Endgame; Firebrand's Revenge!; Have Armor Will Travel; If the Moonman Should Fail!; Judas is a Woman; Knight's Errand!; Moms; One of Those Days...; The Empty Shell; The Iron Scream; The Menace Within!; This Treasure of Red and Gold...; Turf; War and Remembrance!; When Strikes Diablo; Release Order: #1L
TP Vol 11 May, 2016 Duel of Iron; A Duel of Iron; A Thing That Bores From Within...; All the Kinds of Fear!; And Grimm Shall Be Their Name!; Deliverance; In Dreams What Death May Come!; Losing the Touch!; Mission Into Darkness; On the Road...; Once an Avenger, Always an Avenger!; Otherwhere!; Struggle!; Terror in Tulaluma!; The Choice and the Challenge!; The Iron Destiny; The Thing Most Precious; The Vengeance of Vibro!; This Ancient Enemy!; Though My Life Be Forfeit...; Though This Fault Be Mine...; When Giants Walk the Earth! / Enter: Goliath / Three Stood Together!L