Thor Epic Collection (2013-Present)
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TP Vol 11 April, 2014 A Kingdom Lost; A Kingdom Lost; Acts of Destruction; Beware the Bombardiers!; Chaos at Canaveral; Dawn of the Gods! / A Time to Die!; Fury of the Firelord!; Grief More Than a God May Bear; Hark, the Herald Angel Lives!; Of Beasts and Things...; Reckless!; Serpent From the Heavens; Tales of Asgard: ...Till Death Do Us Part!; Tales of Asgard: A Call to Arms!; Tales of Asgard: Baptism of Fire!; Tales of Asgard: Judgement-- And Lament!; Tales of Asgard: Last Flight of the Valkyries!; Tales of Asgard: Love's Labors Lost; Tales of Asgard: The Chains That Bind!; Tales of Asgard: The Sorceress and the Sacrifice!; The Great Game! / The Godwar Gambit! / Shall Chaos Die?!; The Judgement of Tyr; The Maelstrom to Mephisto; The Miracle of Storms; The Snow Giant; The Thunder God and the Bi-Beast; The Zaniac Craves Blood!; Wings in the Night!; The Legendary Gods of Asgard; The Miracle of Storms; Fury of the Firelord!; Release Order: #2L