Fantastic Four Epic Collection (2014-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 September, 2014 The World's Greatest Comic Magazine; A Skrull Walks Among Us!; A Visit With the Fantastic Four; Captives of the Deadly Duo! / When Super-Menaces Unite / When Friends Fall Out! / Trapped! / The End...Or the Beginning?; Defeated By Doctor Doom!; Prisoners of Doctor Doom! / Back to the Past! / On the Trail of Blackbeard / Battle! / The Vengeance of Doctor Doom!; Prisoners of Kurrgo, Master of Planet X / Outlawed! / Bound For Planet X! / Twenty Four Hours Till Zero! / The End of Planet X!; Prisoners of the Puppet Master! / The Hands of the Puppet Maker / The Lady and the Monster! / Face-to-Face With the Puppet Master! / Death of a Puppet!; Sub-Mariner and the Merciless Puppet Master; The Coming of... Sub-Mariner! / On the Trail of the Torch! / Enter the Sub-Mariner! / Let the World Beware! / Sub-Mariner's Revenge! / Return to the Deep!; The End of the Fantastic Four! / Sub-Mariner Gives the Orders! / The Fury of Mr. Fantastic / The Flame of Battle / Vengeance is Ours!; The Fantastic Four Meet the Skrulls From Outer Space! / Prisoner of the Skrulls / The Fantastic Four Fight Back! / The Fantastic Four... Captured!; The Fantastic Four! / The Fantastic Four Meet the Mole Man! / The Moleman's Secret!; The Impossible Man; The Incredible Hulk; The Mad Thinker and His Awesome Android!; The Menace of the Miracle Man / The Monster Lives! / The Flame That Died! / In the Shadow of Defeat! / The Final Challenge!; The Micro-World of Doctor Doom!; The Red Ghost and His Indescribable Super-Apes!; The Return of Doctor Doom! / Back From the Dead! / The End of Mr. Fantastic? / No Place to Turn! / The Real Doctor Doom!; Release Order: #3L
TP Vol 2 August, 2017 Master Plan Of Doctor Doom; Cover by Jack KirbyL
TP Vol 3A October, 2018 Coming Of Galactus; Cover by Jack KirbyL
TP Vol 3B March, 2020 Coming Of Galactus; Cover by Jack KirbyL
TP Vol 4 October, 2019 Mystery Of Black Panther; Cover by Jack KirbyL
TP Vol 5 August, 2020 The Name Is Doom; Cover by Jack KirbyL
TP Vol 17 January, 2014 All in the Family; A Matter of Faith; All in the Family!; Alternatives; And Who Shall Survive?!; Are You Sure?!; By the Soul's Darkest Light; Closer Than Brothers!; Dark Dreams; Dearly Beloved...; Double, Double; Good-Bye!; Homecoming!; Pressure Drop; Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun!; The Best Man; The Marvel Rage!; Truth and Consequences; Release Order: #1L
TP Vol 18 August, 2019 More Things Change; Cover by Ron FrenzL
TP Vol 20 July, 2014 Into the Time Stream; 70 Million Years B.C. ...And Then Some!; Beyond and Back; Burnout!; Cast in Fire, Carved in Stone; Dark Congress!; Days of Future Present, Part 1: When Franklin Comes Marchin' Home...; Days of Future Present, Part 2: Act of Faith; Days of Future Present, Part 3: The Once and Future Mutant; Days of Future Present, Part 4: You Must Remember This; Death By Debate; Double Trouble; Into the Time Stream! / No Matter Where You Go... There You Are!; Kangs For the Memories!!! (or Guess Who's Coming to Dinner!); Nukebusters, Part 1; Nukebusters, Part 2; Shadows of Alarm...!; The Fundamental Things; The Mesozoic Mambo!; The Ultimate Solution; Tribute, Part 1; Tribute, Part 2; Visit to a Large Empire!; Release Order: #2L
TP Vol 21 August, 2018 New Fantastic Four; 'Twas a Mid-Winter's Night; A Christmas Coda; A Matter of Honor; A Miracle a Few Blocks Down From 34th Street; A Spider-Man Carol; Ashes to Ashes; At the Mercy of Dreadface!; Big Trouble on Little Earth!; Devos the Devastator!; Eggs Got Legs! (...Or Love Conquers All!); Ghost of Christmas Present; It Came and Went on a Midnight Clear!..; Midknight Drear; Miracle on Yancy Street!; No Time Like the Present! (Or... It Ain't Funny How Time Slips Away!); Precious Gifts; Rage; So Little Time, So Much to Do! (Or... If I Could Save Time in a Klein Bottle!); Strange Interlude; The Cross-Time Express!; The Korvac Quest, Part 1: Past: Imperfect! / Future: Tense! (or... The One Who Doesn't Know!); The Monster Among Us!; The More Things Change...! (...Or It's the Real Thing...); The Official Story; The Origin of the Fantastic Four; War With the New Warriors; Whatever Happened to Alicia?!; Where Monsters Dwell! (Or is it... Where Creatures Roam?); Cover by Arthur AdamsL
TP Vol 25 July, 2015 Black Bolt -- Berserk!; Doctor Doom; Family Business!; Galactus; It's a Boy!; Missions: Impossible!; Mr. Fantastic; Onslaught; Onslaught Impact 1: An Enemy Among Us!; Onslaught Impact 2: Unfinished Business; Roads Not Taken!; Settling the Score With the Sub-Mariner!; Strange Days, Part 1: Doom Quest!; Strange Days, Part 2: Reunion!; Strange Days, Part 5: Unbeatable is My Foe!; Strange Days, Part 6: Supreme Be My Power!; Terror is Tomorrow!; The Fantastic Four Cover Gallery; The Human Torch; The Invisible Woman; The Richards Family Tree; The Thing; The Ties That Bind!; These Men... These Monsters!; Things to Come!; What's Your FF I.Q.?; Who's Among the FF's Most Fearsom Foes; Who's Who in the Fantastic Four; With Friends Like These--!; With Great Power...L