Fantastic Four Epic Collection (2014-Present)
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TP Vol 21 August, 2018 New Fantastic Four; 'Twas a Mid-Winter's Night; A Christmas Coda; A Matter of Honor; A Miracle a Few Blocks Down From 34th Street; A Spider-Man Carol; Ashes to Ashes; At the Mercy of Dreadface!; Big Trouble on Little Earth!; Devos the Devastator!; Eggs Got Legs! (...Or Love Conquers All!); Ghost of Christmas Present; It Came and Went on a Midnight Clear!..; Midknight Drear; Miracle on Yancy Street!; No Time Like the Present! (Or... It Ain't Funny How Time Slips Away!); Precious Gifts; Rage; So Little Time, So Much to Do! (Or... If I Could Save Time in a Klein Bottle!); Strange Interlude; The Cross-Time Express!; The Korvac Quest, Part 1: Past: Imperfect! / Future: Tense! (or... The One Who Doesn't Know!); The Monster Among Us!; The More Things Change...! (...Or It's the Real Thing...); The Official Story; The Origin of the Fantastic Four; War With the New Warriors; Whatever Happened to Alicia?!; Where Monsters Dwell! (Or is it... Where Creatures Roam?); Cover by Arthur AdamsL