Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection (2013-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 17 July, 2017 Kraven's Last Hunt ; Dark Journey!; Growing Pains!; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 1: The Coffin; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 2: Crawling; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 3: Descent; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 4: Resurrection; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 5: Thunder; Kraven's Last Hunt, Part 6: Ascending; Man of the Year; Mask; The Big Question; The Hobgoblin Revealed!; The Wages of Sin; The Wedding; High TideL
TP Vol 20 November, 2013 Cosmic Adventures; A Time to Choose!; Amazing Fantasy; Child Star; Cunning Attractions!; Dragon in the Dark; Eleven Angry Men... And One Angry Woman; Gravity Storm; Pale Reflection; Power Prey!; Salesday For a Shootout; Shaw's Gambit; Spidey's Totally Tiny Adventure, Part 1: Quark Enterprises! or: Honey, I Shrunk the Non-Mutant Super Hero!; Spidey's Totally Tiny Adventure, Part 2: Into the Microverse; Spidey's Totally Tiny Adventure, Part 3: Up From Slavery!; Stalking Feat!; Sunday in the Park With Venom!; The Choice; The Death Standard; The Fear and the Fury (or: The Metal in Men's Souls); The Harder They Fall; The Mercy Bomb; The Paste and the Power (or: A Very Sticky Situation); The Powder Chase; These Shattered Senses (or: A Tale of the Brothers Grimm); What I Did on My Summer Vacation; With Great Power; Release Order: #1L