Captain America Epic Collection (2014-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 2 November, 2016 Coming Of The Falcon; And So It Begins--!; At the Mercy of the Maggia; Cap Goes Wild!; Far Worse Than Death!; If the Past Be Not Dead--; In the Name of Batroc!; Lest We Forget!; No Longer Alone!; Now Begins the Nightmare!; Now Falls the Skull!; Slave of the Skull!; The Claws of the Panther!; The Coming of... The Falcon!; The Coming of... Whiplash!; The Falcon Fights On!; The Hero That Was!; The Man Behind the Mask!; The Man Who Lived Twice!; The Sleeper Strikes!; The Snares of the Trapster!; The Strange Death of Captain America; The Warrior and the Whip!; The Weakest Link!; This Monster Unmasked!; Tomorrow You Live, Tonight I Die!; When Wakes the Sleeper!; Release Order: #3L
TP Vol 22 June, 2016 Man Without A Country; First Sign, Part 1: I'll Take Manhattan; First Sign, Part 2: Doin' the Zodiac Rag; First Sign, Part 3: Burn Out; First Sign, Part 4: Balance of Power; Hope and Glory; Man Without a Country, Part 1: Executive Action; Man Without a Country, Part 2: Plan ''A''; Man Without a Country, Part 3: Plan ''B''; Man Without a Country, Part 4: Executive Action; Operation: Rebirth, Part 1: Old Soldiers Never Die; Operation: Rebirth, Part 2: The Devil You Know; Operation: Rebirth, Part 3: Triumph of the Will; Operation: Rebirth, Part 4: American Dream; SanctuaryL