Showcase Presents: Men of War (2014)
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TP March, 2014 A Choice of Deaths; An Angel Named Marie; Bathtub Blues; Berkstaten; Blackout on the Boardwalk; Brother Killers!; Code Name: Gravedigger; Crossroads; Cry: Jericho; Death is a Wild Beast!; Death-Stroke; Gravedigger -- R.I.P.; Hide and Seek the Spy; Home -- Is Where the Hell Is; Milkrun; Mission: Six Feet Under; Night on Nickname Hill; Project Gravedigger -- Plus One; Save the President; The Amiens Assault; The Five-Walled War; The Man with the Opened Eye; The Presidential Peril; The River of Death; The Sentry; The Suicide Strategem; The Swirling Sands of Death; Trial by Fire; Valley of the Shadow; Where is Gravedigger?; Wolf PackL