Amazing Spider-Man Firsts (2014)
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TP April, 2014 'Til Death Do Us Part!; 48 Hours; A New Assassin From Beast Road; As Dreams Are Made On..., Part 1: Crash and Burn; Bad Luck; Birthday Girl; Catfight; Down Among the Dead Men, Part 1; Family Ties!; Giant-Girl; Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas!; He Who Laughs Last...!; Hero or Menace?; Homesick; Long Way Down!; Making a Snowman; Maximum Carnage, Part 1: Carnage Rising!; Memories; Playback; Power Without Responsibility!; Sand Blasted; Ship of Fiends! / The Masque of the Black Death!; Spider-Man; Spider-Man vs. the Chameleon!; The Chameleon Strikes!; The Coming of the Thousand, Part 1; The Dazzling Human Torch, on the Trail of the Amazing Spider-Man!; The Final Chapter!; The French Bread; The Kiss; The Other: Evolve or Die, Part 1: Shock; To Serve and Protect?; Torment, Part 1; Twice Stings the Tarantula!; Ultimate Commitment; Venom; Enemy of the Stars, Part 2: Main Event!; I Am Robot; I Am the Scourge of Atlantis; I Captured the Abominable Snowman; I Fly to the Stars; I Was a Prisoner on the Planet of Plunder; I Was the Invisible Man!; I Was the Man Who Lived Twice; Nightmare Planet; Prison 2000 A.D.; The U-Foes!; Worlds Within Worlds!; Cover by Terry DodsonL