Superior Spider-Man (2013-2014)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 May, 2013 My Own Worst Enemy; Emotional Triggers; Everything You Know is Wrong; Hero or Menace?; The Aggressive Approach; The Peter Principle; Cover by Ryan StegmanL
TP Vol 2 August, 2013 A Troubled Mind; Independence Day; Joking Hazard; Troubled Mind, Part 1: Right-Hand Man; Troubled Mind, Part 2: Proof Positive; Troubled Mind, Part 3: Grey Matters; Cover by Marcos MartinL
TP Vol 3 November, 2013 No Escape; A Blind Eye; No Escape, Part 1: A Lock For Every Key; No Escape, Part 2: Lockdown; No Escape, Part 3: The Slayers & the Slain; The Tinkerer's Apprentice, Part 1: Run, Goblin, Run!; The Tinkerer's Apprentice, Part 2: Spider-Man Declares Goblin Season; Cover by Humberto RamosL
TP Vol 4 January, 2014 Necessary Evil; Necessary Evil, Part 1: Let's Do the Time Warp Again; Necessary Evil, Part 2: Smack to the FutureL
TP Vol 5 April, 2014 Superior VenomL
TP Vol 6 June, 2014 Goblin Nation; Goblin Nation, Part 1; Goblin Nation, Part 2; Goblin Nation, Part 3; Goblin Nation, Part 4; The Finely Woven ThreadL