Giant-Size Fantastic Four (1974-1975)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
2 August, 1974 Cataclysm! / George Washington Almost Slept Here! / The Great Grimmsby / Time Enough For Death!; The Red Ghost and His Indescribable Super-Apes!; Cover by Gil KaneL
3 November, 1974 Where Lurks Death...Ride the Four Horsemen! / ...There Shall Come Pestilence / ...And War Shall Take the Land! / ...And the Children Shall Hunger! / ...All in the Valley of Death!; The Hate-Monger!; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
4 Febuary, 1975 Madrox the Multiple Man!; We Have to Fight the X-Men!; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
5 May, 1975 Divide--And Conquer!; The Mad Thinker and His Awesome Android!; Divide -- And Conquer!; The Peerless Power of the Silver Surfer; This is a Plot?; Cover by Jack KirbyL
6 October, 1975 Let There Be... Life!; Cover by Ron WilsonL