Golden Age of Doctor Fate Archives
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HC Vol 1 July, 2007 400 Years in a Day; Adventure in Central America; Aquaman Rules the Waves; Aquaman: The Submarine Strikes; Ark of the Ancients; Battle of Italy; Cartoons of Crime; Case of the Healthy Patient; Case of the Namesake Murders; Champ of the Waves: Case of the Scholarly Spendthrift; Champion in War; Clip Carson: Secret Mission in Honduras; Convoy to Murmansk; Crime College; Crime Makes a Movie; Crime Runs a Complex; Crime-Buster by Proxy; Crimes Hobby House; Crimes that Bloom in Spring; Death in the Saloon; Death Rules the Elements; Death Stalks the Campus; Doom Over Gayland; Dr. Fate; Dr. Fate Turns Back the Clock; Dr. Mephisto; Flames in the Night; Forgotten Magic; Freedom of the Seas; Fur Chiselers; Gabby Disappears; Guardians of Injustice; Guerrillas of Fen-Shu; Hall of Lost Heirs; Heroes Incorporated; Hunting Headlines; Introducing Percival Popp, the Super Cop; Jim Corrigan Lives Again; Johnny Quick: The Black Knight; King of the Convict Island; Leatherpusher Law; Legacy for Loot; Luck for Sale; Marauders of the Mississippi; Money to Burn; Mr. Meek Makes Haste; Mr. Who; Murder Mystery; Murders in Baranga Marsh; Nerves Take a Holiday; Penguin Island; Pharoahs Lamp; Prescription for Plunder!; Publicity Hound; Radio Squad: Murder Takes the Spotlight; Raid on Atlantis; Riddle of the Statuette; Robin Hood's Revenge; Scourge of the Seven Seas; Silent City; Silks and Spice and Everything Nice; Somewhere in the Pacific; Spectre: the Vanishing Menaces; Tale of a Shirt; Terror at Lytell's; Th Man Who Reclaimed His Face; The Adventure of the Bankrupt Heroes; The Adventure of the Vanished Voice; The Arsonist; The Bashful King of Crime; The Battle Against Time; The Birth of the Battling Bowmen; The Black Raider; The Book Bandits; The Boomerang; The Case of the Confident Crooks; The Case of the Corny Crook; The Case of the Crystal Crimes; The Cry Baby Crimes; The Daring Daylight Diamond Robbery; The Death-Threats; The Destiny of Mr. Coffin; The Dummy vs. Percival Popp; The Fabulous Fawn; The Five Arrows; The Flying Dragons; The Forger; The Fur Hi-Jackers; The Ghost of Elmer Watson; The Golden Curse Deaths; The Great Drought; The Head Man; The Horse Thieves; The Incredible Robberies; The Jade Hatchett; The King of Color; The King of Crime; The Legend of Lucky Lane; The Mad Creation of Professor Fenton; The Magic Crimes; The Magnetic Mines; The Man Who Belittled Dr. Fate; The Man Who Changed Faces; The Man Who Chased the Rainbow; The Man Who Hated Puppets; The Man Who Knew All the Angles; The Man Who Purchased Lives; The Man Who Wanted No Medals; The Menace of Wotan; The Menace of Xnon; The Mystery Message; The Mystery of Room 406; The Mystery of the Mathematical Master; The Octopus; The Origin of Doctor Fate; The Prophet Takes a Loss; The Race Around the World; The Return of Zor; The Saga of the Seven Sisters; The Sargasso Sea; The Script Calls For Murder; The Search for Africa's Ancient Ruins; The Search for Wotan; The Secret of the Centuries; The Shadow Killers; The Sky Hijackers; The Society of Assassins; The Stolen Pearls; The Streamlined Buccaneers!; The Truth Hurts; The Two Fates; The Underworld Goes Overweight!; The Unhappy Hunting Grounds; The Victim of Dr. Fate; The Weather Prophet; The Wolf Master; The World Within the Paintings; Thomas Jefferson's Treasure; Transfer to Newport News; Treasure of the Deep; Trigger Daniels' Death Curse; When Money Talks; Whn Archers Meet; Wotan and Karkull; Yours Truly, Doom; Zor; Cover by Howard ShermanN