Amazing Fantasy (2004-2006)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 August, 2004 Not An Angel; Cover by Mark BrooksL
2 September, 2004 The Promise; Cover by Mark BrooksL
3 October, 2004 Game Set; Cover by Mark BrooksL
4 November, 2004 The Sting of Defeat; Cover by Mark BrooksL
5 December, 2004 Roaming; Cover by Mark BrooksL
6 January, 2005 Becoming; Cover by Mark BrooksL
7 June, 2005 Poison Tomorrow, Part 1: Worst. Homecoming. Ever.; Cover by James JeanL
8 July, 2005 Poison Tomorrow, Part 2: Motherless Country; Cover by James JeanL
9 August, 2005 Poison Tomorrow, Part 3: Identity Politics; Cover by James JeanL
10 September, 2005 Poison Tomorrow, Part 4: Gone Native; Vampire By Night; Cover by James JeanL
11 October, 2005 Poison Tomorrow, Part 5: Wakers; Interview With the Vampire By Night; Cover by James JeanL
12 November, 2005 Poison Tomorrow, Part 6; In Sheep's Clothing; Cover by James JeanL
13 December, 2005 Play to Win, Part 1; Power Corrupted, Part 1; Cover by Tony HarrisL
14 December, 2005 Play to Win, Part 2; Power Corrupted, Part 2; Cover by Tony HarrisL
15 January, 2006 Mastermind Excello; Heavy on Action, Light on Plot; The Man With X-Ray Eyes; The Winning Hand; Monstro; You Say You Want An Evolution?; Heartbreak Kid!; Happy Ending; Positron; I Was the Guy in Spider-Man's Armpit!; Cover by Pete WoodsL
16 February, 2006 Unnatural Selection, Part 1; Our Best Offer; Cover by Lucio ParrilloL
17 March, 2006 Unnatural Selection, Part 2; Self-Made Monster; Cover by Lucio ParrilloL
18 April, 2006 Unnatural Selection, Part 3; Marc Hazzard: Merc; Cover by Lucio ParrilloL
19 May, 2006 Unnatural Selection, Part 4; Danger Zone; Cover by Lucio ParrilloL
20 June, 2006 Unnatural Selection, Part 5; Steam-Powered Heart; Cover by Lucio ParrilloL