Marvel Firsts: The 1980s (2013-2014)
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TP Vol 2 May, 2014 A Man Without a Past; Animal Crackers; Apocrypha: The Storm / Cats and Dogs of War / A Shining Hope; Avengers Assemble!; Circle of Blood!, Part 1; Design For Dying; His First Fifth; How Much is That Boggie in the Window?; Indecision; Landed; Lies; Love and Death!!; Mark of the Mutant!; Secret Wars II, Part 1: Earthfall!; The Fuse!; The Gardener; The Incredible Hulk; The Last Galactus Story, Part 1: The Shattered Stars; The Sacred and the Profane, Part 7: Pronunciato: Final Deliverance; The Star Brand; The Sword of Frey; The Utopia Principle; Third Genesis; Toadswart d'Amplestone, Part 2: Heart of the Fire; Total War on EarthL