Green Lantern (1960-1986)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1A August, 1960 The Planet of Doomed Men!; Menace of the Giant Puppet!; Cover by Gil KaneL
1B April, 2020 The Planet of Doomed Men!; Menace of the Giant Puppet!; Facsimile Edition; Cover by Gil KaneL
2 October, 1960 The Secret of the Golden Thunderbolts!; Riddle of the Frozen Ghost Town!; Cover by Gil KaneL
3 December, 1960 The Amazing Theft of the Power Lamp!; The Leap Year Menace!; Cover by Gil KaneL
4 February, 1961 The Diabolical Missile From Qward!; Secret of Green Lantern's Mask!; Cover by Gil KaneL
5 April, 1961 The Power Ring That Vanished!; Cover by Gil KaneL
6 June, 1961 The World of Living Phantoms!; Cover by Gil KaneL
7 August, 1961 The Day 100,000 People Vanished!; Wings of Destiny!; Cover by Gil KaneL
8 October, 1961 The Challenge From 5700 A.D.!; Cover by Gil KaneL
9 December, 1961 The Battle of the Power Rings!; Green Lantern's Brother Act!; Last 10 Cent Issue; Cover by Gil KaneL
10 January, 1962 Prisoner of the Power Ring!; The Origin of Green Lantern's Oath!; Cover by Gil KaneL
11 March, 1962 The Strange Trial of Green Lantern!; The Trail of the Missing Power Ring!; Cover by Gil KaneL
12 April, 1962 Green Lantern's Statue Goes to War!; Zero Hour in the Silent City!; Cover by Gil KaneL
13 June, 1962 The Duel of the Super-Heroes!; Cover by Gil KaneL
14 July, 1962 The Man Who Conquered Sound!; My Brother, Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
15 September, 1962 Peril of the Yellow World!; Zero Hour in Dark City!; Cover by Gil KaneL
16 October, 1962 The Secret Life of Star Sapphire!; Earth's First Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
17 December, 1962 The Spy-Eye That Doomed Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
18 January, 1963 The World of Perilous Traps!; Green Lantern vs. Power Ring!; Cover by Gil KaneL
19 March, 1963 The Defeat of Green Lantern!; The Trail of the Horse-and-Buggy Bandits!; Cover by Gil KaneL
20 April, 1963 Parasite Planet Peril!; Cover by Gil KaneL
21 June, 1963 The Man Who Mastered Magnetism!; Hal Jordan Betrays Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
22 July, 1963 Master of the Power Ring!; Dual Masquerade of the Jordan Brothers!; Cover by Gil KaneL
23 September, 1963 Threat of the Tattooed Man!; The Green Lantern Disasters!; Cover by Gil KaneL
24 October, 1963 The Strange World Named Green Lantern!; The Shark That Hunted Human Prey!; Cover by Gil KaneL
25 December, 1963 War of the Weapon Wizards!; Cover by Gil KaneL
26 January, 1964 Star Sapphire Unmasks Green Lantern!; World Within the Power Ring!; Cover by Gil KaneL
27 March, 1964 Mystery of the Deserted City!; Amazing Transformation of Horace Tolliver!; Cover by Gil KaneL
28 April, 1964 The Shark Goes on the Prowl Again!; The House That Fought Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
29 June, 1964 Half a Green Lantern Is Better Than None!; Half a Green Lantern Is Better Than None! Part II; This World Is Mine!; Cover by Gil KaneL
30 July, 1964 The Tunnel Through Time!; Once a Green Lantern -- Always a Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
31 September, 1964 Power Rings for Sale; Pay Up -- or Blow Up!; Cover by Gil KaneL
32 October, 1964 The Power Battery Peril!; Green Lantern's Wedding Day!; Cover by Gil KaneL
33 December, 1964 Wizard of the Light-Wave Weapons!; The Disarming of Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
34 January, 1965 Three-Way Attack Against Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
35 March, 1965 The Prisoner in the Golden Mask!; The Eagle Crusader of Earth!; Cover by Gil KaneL
36 April, 1965 Secret of the Power-Ringed Robot!; Green Lantern's Explosive Week-End!; Cover by Gil KaneL
37 June, 1965 The Plot to Conquer the Universe!; The Spies Who Owned Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
38 July, 1965 Menace of the Atomic Changeling!; The Elixir of Invulnerability!; Cover by Gil KaneL
39 September, 1965 The Fight for the Championship of the Universe!; Practice Makes the Perfect Crime!; Cover by Gil KaneL
40 October, 1965 The Secret Origin of the Guardians!; Cover by Gil KaneL
41 December, 1965 The Double Life of Star Sapphire!; Challenge of the Coin Creatures!; Cover by Gil KaneL
42 January, 1966 The Other Side of the World!; Cover by Gil KaneL
43 March, 1966 The Catastrophic Crimes of Major Disaster!; Cover by Gil KaneL
44 April, 1966 Evil Star's Death-Duel Summons!; Saga of the Millionaire Schemer!; Cover by Gil KaneL
45 June, 1966 Prince Peril's Power Play!; Cover by Gil KaneL
46 July, 1966 The Jailing of Hal Jordan!; The End of a Gladiator!; Cover by Gil KaneL
47 September, 1966 Green Lantern Lives Again!; Cover by Gil KaneL
48 October, 1966 Goldface's Grudge Fight Against Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
49 December, 1966 The Spectacular Robberies of TV's Master Villain!; Cover by Gil KaneL
50 January, 1967 The Quest of the Wicked Queen of Hearts!; Thraxton the Powerful vs Green Lantern the Powerless; Cover by Gil KaneL
51 March, 1967 Green Lantern's Evil Alter Ego!; Cover by Gil KaneL
52 April, 1967 Our Mastermind, the Car!; Cover by Gil KaneL
53 June, 1967 Captive of the Evil Eye!; Two Green Lanterns in the Family!; Cover by Carmine InfantinoL
54 July, 1967 Menace in the Iron Lung; Cover by Gil KaneL
55 September, 1967 Cosmic Enemy Number One; Cover by Gil KaneL
56 October, 1967 The Green Lanterns' Fight for Survival!; Cover by Gil KaneL
57 December, 1967 The Catastrophic Weapons of Major Disaster!; Cover by Gil KaneL
58 January, 1968 Peril of the Powerless Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
59 March, 1968 Earth's Other Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
60 April, 1968 Spotlight on the Lamplighter!; Cover by Gil KaneL
61 June, 1968 Thoroughly Modern Mayhem!; Cover by Gil KaneL
62 July, 1968 Steal Small-- Rob Big!; Cover by Jack SparlingL
63 September, 1968 This is the Way... The World... Ends!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
64 October, 1968 Death to Green Lantern; Cover by Mike SekowskyL
65 December, 1968 Dry Up-- And Die!; Cover by Mike SekowskyL
66 January, 1969 5708 A.D. -- A Nice Year to Visit -- But I Wouldn't Want to Live Then!; Cover by Mike SekowskyL
67 March, 1969 Green Lantern Does His Ring-Thing!; The First Green Lantern!; Cover by Gil KaneL
68 April, 1969 I Wonder Where the Yellow Went!; Cover by Gil KaneL
69 June, 1969 If Earth Fails the Test -- It Means War!; Cover by Gil KaneL
70 July, 1969 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Earth!; Cover by Gil KaneL
71 September, 1969 The City That Died!; Hip Jordan Makes the Scene!; Cover by Gil KaneL
72 October, 1969 Phantom of the Space-Opera!; Cover by Gil KaneL
73 December, 1969 From Space Ye Came-- And to Space Ye Shall Return!; Cover by Gil KaneL
74 January, 1970 Lost in Space!; Cover by Gil KaneL
75 March, 1970 The Golden Obelisk of Qward!; Cover by Gil KaneL
76 April, 1970 No Evil Shall Escape My Sight!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
77 June, 1970 Journey to Desolation!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
78 July, 1970 A Kind of Loving, a Way of Death!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
79 September, 1970 Ulysses Star is Still Alive!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
80 October, 1970 Even an Immortal Can Die!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
81 December, 1970 Death Be My Destiny!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
82 March, 1971 How Do You Fight a Nightmare?; Cover by Neal AdamsL
83 May, 1971 ...And a Child Shall Destroy Them!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
84 July, 1971 Peril in Plastic; Cover by Neal AdamsL
85A September, 1971 Snowbirds Don't Fly; Cover by Neal AdamsL
85B January, 2020 Snowbirds Don't Fly; Facsimile Edition; Cover by Neal AdamsL
86 November, 1971 They Say it Will Kill Me..But They Won't Say When; Cover by Neal AdamsL
87 January, 1972 Beware My Power; What Can One Man Do?; Cover by Neal AdamsL
88 March, 1972 Summons from Space!; The Menace of the Marching Toys!; Cover by Neal AdamsL
89 May, 1972 ...And through Him Save a World...; Cover by Neal AdamsL
90 September, 1976 Those Who Worship Evil's Might!; Cover by Mike GrellL
91 November, 1976 The Revenge of the Renegade!; Cover by Ernie Chan - 'Ernie Chua'L
92 January, 1977 The Legend of the Green Arrow!; Cover by Mike GrellL
93 March, 1977 War Against the World-Builders!; Cover by Mike GrellL
94 May, 1977 Lure for an Assassin!; Cover by Mike GrellL
95 July, 1977 Terminal for a Tragedy; Cover by Mike GrellL
96 September, 1977 How Can An Immortal Die?; Cover by Mike GrellL
97 October, 1977 The Mystery of The Mocker; Cover by Mike GrellL
98 November, 1977 Listen to the Mocking Bird!; Cover by Mike GrellL