Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Omnibus (2013-2014)
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HC Vol 1 October, 2013 ...And I'll Get the Land; ...Because of All These Things I've Done.; ...The Sound of War; Adventures on Nu-World; Days of Future Franklin!; Dinner With Doom; Doom Nation; Family Trust; How I Survived Apocalyptic Fire; Prime Elements, Part 1: The Abandoned City of the High Evolutionary; Prime Elements, Part 2: The Old Kings of Atlantis; Prime Elements, Part 3: Universal Inhumans; Prime Elements, Part 4: The Cult of the Negative Zone; Solve Everything, Part 1; Solve Everything, Part 2; Solve Everything, Part 3; The Beating of Drums...; The Bridge, Part 1; The Bridge, Part 2; The Bridge, Part 3; The Bridge, Part 4; The Bridge, Part 5; The Club; The Frank-Tastic Four; The Future Foundation; The Judgment of Namor; Three, Epilogue: Month of Mourning; Three, Part 1: In Latveria, The Flowers Bloom in Winter; Three, Part 2: Congratulations, Mr. Grimm. You're Handsome Again!; Three, Part 3: The Kings of Atlantis!; Three, Part 4: World-Eater!; Three, Part 5: The Last Stand!; Uncles; Whatever Happened to All Those Reeds?; When Everything's Lost, The Battle is Won...L
HC Vol 2 November, 2014 27 Minutes; Adventures In Red; Ascension; Black Queen; Burn it Down; City of the Dead; End Of Line; Forever, Part 1; Forever, Part 2; Forever, Part 3; Forever, Part 4; Foundation; Inert; Intelligence; Origins Story; Remember; Ronance; Run; Safari; The Arc; The Bridge; The God Ship; The Supremor Seed; The Wizard; Too Many Kids; Two Kings; What I Need; Whatever Happened to Johnny Storm?; You are Whatever You Want to beL