Captain America: The Trial of Captain America Omnibus (2014)
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HC December, 2014 American Dreamers, Part 1; American Dreamers, Part 2; American Dreamers, Part 3; American Dreamers, Part 4; American Dreamers, Part 5; Black Widow; Conjunction, Part 1; Conjunction, Part 2; Conjunction, Part 3; Conjunction, Part 4; Crossfire; Gulag, Part 1; Gulag, Part 2; Gulag, Part 3; Gulag, Part 4; Hunger Strikes, Part 1; Hunger Strikes, Part 2; It's Never Sunny in Philadelphia; Must There Be a Captain America?; No Escape, Part 1; No Escape, Part 2; No Escape, Part 3; No Escape, Part 4; No Escape, Part 5; Opaque Shadows; Operation: Tooth Fairy; Origin; Powerless, Part 1; Powerless, Part 2; Powerless, Part 3; Powerless, Part 4; Powerless, Part 5; Spin; Super-Soldier; The Exhibit; The Trial of Captain America, Part 1; The Trial of Captain America, Part 2; The Trial of Captain America, Part 3; The Trial of Captain America, Part 4; The Trial of Captain America, Part 5; Two Americas, Part 1; Two Americas, Part 2; Two Americas, Part 3; Two Americas, Part 4; Underneath the Skin, Part 1; Underneath the Skin, Part 2; Underneath the Skin, Part 3; Underneath the Skin, Part 4; Welcome Home, Part 1; Welcome Home, Part 2; Welcome Home, Part 3; Who Will Wear the Shield?; Who Will Wield the Shield?L