Essential Marvel Team-Up (2002-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 3 August, 2009 A Fluttering of Wings Most Foul!; A Matter of Love...And Death!; All This and the QE2; Crack of the Whip!; Danger: Demon on a Rampage!; Deathgarden; Double Danger at the Daily Bugle!; If Death Be My Destiny...; Introducing, Captain Britain; Murderworld; Night of the Dragon; Night of the Living God!; Nightmare in New Mexico!; Not All Thy Powers Can Save Thee!; Panic on Pier One!; Some Say Spidey Will Die By Fire...Some Say By Ice!; Spider in the Middle!; Spider, Spider on the Moon!; The Lords of Light and Darkness! / The Nest! / Day of the Demons! / Into... Hellpit! / A Gathering of Gods!; The Measure of a Man!; The Smoke of That Great Burning!; Tigra Tigra, Burning Bright!; When Slays the Silver Samurai!; Whom Gods Destroy!L
TP Vol 4 February, 2013 ...And No Birds Sing!; A Child is Waiting; A Sorcerer Possessed!; Carnival of Souls!; Catch a Falling Hero; Claws!; Confrontations; Darkness, Darkness...; Death on the Air; Doctor of Madness!; Fear!; Heroes For Hire; If I'm to Live... My Love Must Die!; If Not For Love... / Death Waits at Bayou Diable!; Last Rites!; Monster in the Meadow; Murder in Cathedral Canyon! / A Friend in Need! / Brother, Can You Spare a Hulk? / Rocky Mountain High! / A Man's Life -- Or a World?!; No Way to Treat a Lady; Panic in the Streets; Payoff; Rags to Riches!; Shoot-Out Over Center Ring!; Slaughter on 10th Avenue!; Story of the Year!; Sudden, Swift And Very, Very Deadly...; The Men and the Machine; The Razor's Edge!; The Woman Who Never Was!; If I'm to Live...My Love Must Die!; Claws!; A Sorcerer Possessed!; Last Rites; No Way to Treat a Lady; Catch a Falling Hero; Slaughter on 10th Avenue!; The Woman Who Never Was!; Story of the Year!; Murder in Cathedral Canyon! / A Friend in Need! / Brother, Can You Spare a Hulk? / Rocky Mountain High! / A Man's Life-- Or a World?!; A Child is Waiting; The Razor's Edge!; Shoot Out Over Center Ring!; Death on the Air; Carnival of Souls!; Fear!; Rags to Riches!; Darkness, Darkness...; ...And No Birds Sing!; Doctor of Madness!; Spider-Man and Black Widow; Monster in the Meadow / Payoff / Heroes For Hire / The Men and the Machine / ConfrontationsL