Essential Marvel Team-Up (2002-Present)
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TP Vol 2 July, 2006 A Fine Night For Dying!; A Friend in Need!; A Past Gone Mad!; A Witch in Time!; All That Glitters is Not Gold!; All the Fires in Hell...! / The Possessed! / A Union Born in Hell! / The Flame and the Fire!; Any Number Can Slay!; Anybody Here Know a Guy Named Meteor Man?; Beware the Coming of... Infinitus! Or How Can You Stop the Reincarnated Man?; Beware the Death Crusade! / A Gift For Violence! / The Innocents of Hell! / The Savior Syndrome!; Blood Church! / Dark Immortal / Church of Blood! / The Flames of Battle!; Death in the Year Before Yesterday!; For a Few Fists More!; Future-Shock!, Part 1; Future-Shock!, Part 2: ...Am I Now or Have I Ever Been?; I Have to Fight the Basilisk!; Madness is All in the Mind!; Murder's Better the Second Time Around!; Night of the Griffin; Once Upon a Time, in a Castle... / The Cold Wind of Doom! / To Make a Monster!; Snow Death! / Mad House! / Wolfpack! / Survival!; The City Stealers!; The Fire This Time...!; The Mystery of the Wraith!; The Trial of the Wraith!; This City-- Afire!; Three Into Two Won't Go!; Visions of Hate!; Cover by James Starlin - 'Jim Starlin'L