Deathlok the Demolisher: The Complete Collection (2014)
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TP October, 2014 (Don't Fear) The Reaper!; ...And Once Removed From Never / The Resurrection and the Death!; A Cold Knight's Frenzy; And All the King's Madmen...Couldn't Put Deathlok Together Again...Or Could They?; Confessions of a Demolished Man! / What to Do After the Apocalypse!; Day of the Demolisher! / War in Washington! / Battle With the Bionic Berserker!; Dead Reckoning!; Five to One, Deathlok...One in Five...No One Here Gets Out Alive! / Deathman.. Follow Me No More!; Future Shock!; Future-Shock!, Part 2: ...Am I Now or Have I Ever Been?; Mazes!; One Man in Search of... Himself!; Reflections in a Crimson Eye! / Some of Us Are Programmed to Die!; Tales of the Watcher: Why Won't They Believe Me?; The Enemy: Us!; The Man Who Sold the World!; The Pegasus Project, Part 2: Blood and Bionics; The Soft Parade...Of Slow, Sliding Death! / Shootout at the Flesh Factory!; Twice Removed From Yesterday...; The Power and the Prize!; The Pegasus Project, Part 2: Blood and BionicsL