Green Lantern Corps (2011-2015)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
13A December, 2012 Torn; Cover by Ivan ReisL
13B December, 2012 Torn; Sketch Cover; Cover by Ivan ReisL
14A January, 2013 Nothing Man; Cover by Scott ClarkL
14B January, 2013 Nothing Man; Sketch CoverL
15A February, 2013 Falling Star; Cover by Trevor McCarthyL
15B February, 2013 Falling Star; Sketch Cover; Cover by Trevor McCarthyL
16A March, 2013 Bad Guys; Cover by Carlos Alberto Fernandez Urbano - 'Cafu'L
16B March, 2013 Bad Guys; 1:25 Sketch Cover; Cover by Carlos Alberto Fernandez Urbano - 'Cafu'L
Annual 1 March, 2013 Rise of the First Lantern; Cover by Chris Williams - 'ChrisCross'L