Deadpool Classic Companion (2015)
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TP Vol 1 April, 2015 All Along the Watchtower, Part 1; All Along the Watchtower, Part 2; Beer Run; Breakout; Crazy For You; Crying Wolf!; Dead Man's Hand, Part 2: Neon Knights; Death Threats; Doubts and Insecurities; Fun With Ninjas; It's D-D-Deadpool, Folks!; Lair of the N'Garai; Machine Man, Part 3: The Difference Between Me and You is That I'm Not on Fire; Misalliances!, Part 1; Misalliances!, Part 2: The Conclusion; Process of Elimination; Regretful Decisions; Strange Changes, Part 1: Strangers and Other Lovers; Strange Changes, Part 2: Resurrection Tango; Strange Changes, Part 3: On Borrowed Time; Swordplay(Cubed); The First Rule!; Vanguard, Part 10: Dead Means Dead; Weapon Omega, Part 10; What the Cat Dragged In; Cover by Walter McDanielL