Batman: Cataclysm (2015)
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TP June, 2015 Sound and the Fury; Castles Built on Sand; Shudder; Lifelines; Hour of the Quake; The First and the Last; Claustrophobia; Tribunal; Blackgate: Isle of Men; The Naked City; The Contract; House of Cards; A Bird with a Hand; Trapped; Love Me 2 Times; Little Orphan Andy; The Day After Judgment; Master of Destruction; Blunt Trauma; Shifting Ground; Reap What You Sow; Arkham Asylum: Tales of Madness; Flattened; Blunt Trauma; Castles Built on Sand; Cataclysm, Part 11: The Day After Judgment; Cataclysm, Part 12: Master of Destruction; Cataclysm, Part 15: Reap What You Sow; Cataclysm, Part 16: Flattened; Cataclysm, Part 2: Shudder; Cataclysm, Part 6: Claustrophobia; Cataclysm, Part 7: Tribunal; Hour of the Quake; Isle of Men; Lifelines; Shifting Ground; Sound and Fury; Tales of Madness; The Contract, House of Cards, Trapped, A Bird with a Hand, Love Me 2 Times, Little Orphan Andy; The First and the Last; The Naked City; 2nd EditionL