Monster Of Frankenstein
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TP September, 2015 --In Search of the Last Frankenstein!; --The Last Frankenstein!; A Cold and Lasting Tomb!; A Phoenix Berserk!; All Pieces of Fear!; And in the End--!?; Bride of the Monster!; Code-Name: Berserker!; Death of the Monster!; Frankenstein 1973, Lifeboat, The Madman, Sword of Dragons,The Roaches; Fury of the Night-Creature!; Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!; Mind Over Matter; My Name is... Dracula--; Once Upon a Time, in a Castle... / The Cold Wind of Doom! / To Make a Monster!; Seeing Eye; Six Strange Words; Snow Death! / Mad House! / Wolfpack! / Survival!; Stoker's Dracula, Part 7: Death, Be Thou Proud!; Tactics of Death!; The Ape Man; The Barefoot Man; The Executioner!; The Face in the Glass!; The Flies!; The Frankenstein Monster Meets Werewolf By Night: Prisoners of Flesh! / To Host the Beast / The Flesh of Satan's Hate!; The Fury of a Fiend!; The Lady of the House!; The Mad Scientist!; The Man Who Can't Be Stopped; The Monster and the Masque; The Monster Walks Among Us!; The Monster's Revenge!; The Shadow; The Vampire Killers!; The Werewolf of Wilmach!; They Don't Complain; Vengeance Crude; Witch Hunt; A Monster Reborn!; All the Faces of Fear!; Darkflame!; Demon of Slaughter Mansion!; Frankenstein 1973, Part 1; Frankenstein 1973, Part 2: The Classic Monster!; Frankenstein 1974, Part 1: Once a Monster..!; Frankenstein 1974, Part 2: Once a Monster--!; Karloff: The Man, The Monster, The Movies; Lifeboat!; Monster Rally; Panic By Moonlight; Peter Snubb: Werewolf!; Sword of Dragonus; The Dark Passage; The Hands!; The Killers; The Madman; The Maggots!; The Roaches!; The Scrimshaw Serpent; The Strange Children!; The Waters of Werewolves; The World's Most Wanted Monster; They Might Be Monsters; Thunderbird; To Love, Honor, Cherish...; Web of Hate; Werewolf Tale to End All Werewolf Tales!; Monster Madness; Stoker's Dracula, Part 7: Death Be Thou Proud!; The Flies!; The Monster and the Masque; Vengeance CrudeL