S.H.I.E.L.D. The Complete Collection
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HCB October, 2015 A Day in the Life; Alone, Against the Mindless Ones!; And a Scourge Shall Come Upon You!; And Now It Begins...; And the Dragon Cried... Death!; Armageddon!; Assignment: The Infinity Formula!; Behold the Savage Sky!; Beware... The Deadly Dreadnought!; Beware...! Dormammu is Watching!; Clea Must Die!; Crescendo!; Crisis!; Dark Moon Rise, Hell Hound Kill!; Death Before Dishonor!; Death Trap!; Did You Hear the One About Scorpio?; Doom Must Fall!; Eternity Beckons!; Exile!; Final Encounter!; Find Fury or Die!; From the Nameless Nowhere Comes... Kaluu!; From the Never-World Comes... Nebulos!; Hell Hath No Fury; Hours of Madness, Day of Death; HYDRA Lives!; If Death Be My Destiny!; If Eternity Should Fail!; If Kaluu Should Triumph...; If This Planet You Would Save!; Into the Dimension of Death!; Let There Be Victory!; Lo! The Eggs Shall Hatch!; Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. / The Man For the Job; Nightmare!; Nothing Can Halt... Voltorg!; Operation: Brain Blast!; Overkill!; Project: Blackout, Part 1; Project: Blackout, Part 2: The Second Doom; So Evil, the Night!; So Shall Ye Reap... Death!; Sometimes the Good Guys Lose!; Spy School; The 1st Million Megaton Explosion; The Assassination of Nick Fury; The Brave Die Hard!; The Conquest of Kaluu!; The Day of the Druid!; The End -- At Last!; The End of A.I.M.!; The End of HYDRA!; The End of the Ancient One!; The Enemy Within!; The Evil That Men Do!; The Fearful Finish--!; The Hate-Monger!; The Hiding Place!; The Mystic and the Machine!; The Name of the Game is... Hate!; The Origin of the Ancient One!; The Pincers of Power!; The Power of S.H.I.E.L.D.!; The Prize is... Earth!; The Sands of Death; The Super-Patriot!; The Tribunal!; THEM!; This Dream--- This Doom!; Those Who Would Destroy Me!; Three Faces of Doom!; Thus Speaks Supremus!; To Catch a Magician!; To Free a Brain Slave; Today Earth Died!; Twas the Night Before Christmas; Umar Strikes!; Umar Walks the Earth!; What Lurks Beneath the Mask?; Whatever Happened to Scorpio?; When Comes... Black Noon!; When Meet the Mystic Minds!; When the Unliving Strike!; Where Man Hath Never Trod!; Who is Scorpio?; Who Strikes at --- S.H.I.E.L.D.?; With None Beside Me!; Cover by Jim SterankoL