Damage Control The Complete Collection
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TP October, 2015 A Restoration Comedy!; Cleanliness is Next to Godliness; Cruel and Unusual Punisher; Damage Control: The Movie; Edifice Wrecks; Excessive Farce; If You Picket, It'll Never Heal!; Montana; Nightmare in Suburbia, Part 1: Home is Where the Heart is; No Vault Insurance!; Overture; Panther's Quest, Part 7: Battered Artifacts; The Agent of SHIELD Affair; The Big Hype!; The Iron Avengers, Part 10: The Insult That Made an Iron Man Out of ''Max''; The Little House I Used to Live In; The Retribution Affair, Part 3: The Price of Retribution; The Sure Thing; Whatever Happened to All the Fun in the World?; When Doom Defaults!; Iron Many, Part 1: Armored and Dangerous; The Iron Avengers, Part 11: TV is Harmful; The Iron Avengers, Part 12: Putting Ka-Zar in Iron; The Iron Avengers, Part 9: Putting the X-Men in IronL