Batman: Road to No Man's Land (2015-Present)
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TP Vol 2 July, 2016 ...a Man of Wealth and Taste...; An Answer in the Rubble; Between Stars Above and Below; Bruce Wayne Goes to Washington, Part 2: The Witness; Fight or Flight, Part 1: Nest of Vipers; Fight or Flight, Part 2: Chaos Squared; Fight or Flight, Part 3: 30 Seconds to Midnight; Gotham City Must Die; No Law and a New Order, Part 4: Language; Resurrection; Scratching the Surface; The Devil His Due; The Jackals; Wax Man and the Clown; Waxman and the Clown, Part 1; Waxman and the Clown, Part 2; Waxman and the Clown, Part 3; Will to PowerL