Nova Classic (2013-2014)
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TP Vol 1 January, 2013 --The Deadly Diamondhead is Ready to Strike!; And So... The Sphinx!; Evil is the... Earth-Shaker!; Fear in the Funhouse!; Nova / The Coming of Nova / Star-Power! / Enter: Zorr the Conqueror!; Nova Against the Mighty Thor / Fury of the Corruptor!! / Beware the Thunder God Gone Mad! / Fury of the Corruptor!; Photon is Another Name For...?; The First Night of... The Condor! / On the Wings of a Bird... / The Power and the Fury!!; War in Space! / Return to the Stars! / Trapped--1,000,000 Miles From Earth!!; When Megaman Comes Calling-- Don't Answer!L