Hulk Magazine (1978-1981)
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10 August, 1978 The Year of the Hulk; Thunder of Dawn; Bill Bixby Tells What It's Like to be Bruce Banner!; Gallery of Villains; The Runaway and the Rescuer!; Numbering continued from Rampaging Hulk (1977-1978) #9; Cover by Val MayerikL
11 October, 1978 The Boy Who Cried Hulk!; Graven Image of Death; Cover by Bob LarkinL
12 December, 1978 The Color of Hate!; Embassy of Fear!; Cover by Joe JuskoL
13 February, 1979 Season of Terror; The Big Blackmail; Cover by Earl NoremL
14 April, 1979 A Cure For Chaos!; Countdown to Dark; Cover by Bob LarkinL
15 June, 1979 The Top Secret; An Eclipse, Waning / An Eclipse, Waxing; Cover by Earl NoremL
16 August, 1979 Masks; Cover by Earl NoremL
17 October, 1979 The Biggest Game; Nights Born Ten Years Gone, Part 1; Cover by Earl NoremL
18 December, 1979 Cast Away; Nights Born Ten Years Gone, Part 2: Shadows in the Heart of the City; Cover by Bob LarkinL
19 February, 1980 Master Mind; It's a Monster!; Heaven is a Very Small Place!; Cover by Walter VelezL
20 April, 1980 Power Unchained; A Long Way to Dawn; Cover by Joe JuskoL
21 June, 1980 Into the Myth-Realm; All in Color For a Crime!; Cover by Bob LarkinL
22 August, 1980 The Failure of Hydropolis; Ghoul of My Dreams; Cover by Bob LarkinL
23 October, 1980 ...A Very Personal Hell.; Clothes Call; Moo Over Manhattan; Cover by Walter Simonson - 'Walt Simonson'L
24 December, 1980 The Man Who Would Be President!; The Tiny Terror Tumble!; Cover by Joe JuskoL
25 February, 1981 Dreams of Iron... Dreams of Steel!; Split!; Carnival of Fools; Jeff Mundo's Dark Corners; Slay Bells; Cover by Joe JuskoL
26 April, 1981 Namaste; Where Troops Are Encamped; The River!; Cover by John BuscemaL
27 June, 1981 L